3 Crypto Marching Forward in 2022 — Shiba Inu, Sandbox, Seesaw Protocol

3 Crypto Marching Forward in 2022 — Shiba Inu, Sandbox, Seesaw Protocol


The metaverse’s influence is significantly growing and with Web3 on the horizon, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make a mark, early on in the metaverse.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and The Sandbox (SAND) are 3 coins that have the potential to make a forever growing impact in the years to come.

With the rise of ‘memecoins’ and gaming taking giant steps to become the new reality, investors can really make a monumental life change by catching the early trains in the crypto-sphere.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW)

Seesaw protocol (SSW) is an on-chain liquidity protocol that possesses the feature to be implemented on any smart contract-enabled blockchain.

Seesaw’s development plans include venturing into the metaverse where they can further develop their hunt to ensure that education in financial & technological literacy can be obtained by children of all ages and that they wouldn’t be at disadvantage.

SSW stands out from the pack, as its immersive technology application boasts of technologies in areas such as Multimedia streaming & story-telling, Augmented and Virtual 3D reality, Synthetic smell generation and an immersive audio experience that’ll provide its users an amazing metaverse adventure.

With the educational aspect being a priority for Seesaw, it’s looking like it would no doubt be a big hit for kids who want to be entertained and learn at the same time.

With the mission that SSW are on, it’s one of a kind investment opportunity for those to be a part of early on.

SSW is currently in its presale phase and it only being $0.005 per token, the possibility of making good profit is second to none, before it is released on multiple exchanges.


SAND, sitting at $2.69 is an ever-growing project that continues to rise in crypto rankings due to what it currently provides and what is to provide for those heavily into the metaverse.

SAND is a decentralised, NFT gaming metaverse which enables users to create, trade their NFT assets or even utilise them in a way they see fit.

From creating your own avatars to creating your own games, SAND is the go-to platform for users looking to game in the metaverse.

Big retail giants such as Nike and Adidas, to name a few, have invested in and obtained land SAND, in a battle to be the dominant force in the metaverse.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

(SHIB) has quickly become a dominant crypto over the past 2 years, where it started off as a ‘joke’ coin, it has amassed many millionaires to those that took a chance on it when it was in the very low $0.0000000’s.

After the hype it had received throughout these years and it being one of the most trending cryptos, or arguably the most trending crypto, it is looking like this train isn’t stopping soon.

Currently priced at $0.00002151 (the time this article was written), the doorway to generating an outstanding amount of profit.

Millennials and Gen Z are jumping on-board and causing a great disruption in the working world as many are flocking to and from jobs due to the potential that crypto is showing them and SHIB accelerated it.

SHIB has made big moves in the metaverse, as its founders have announced their development of creating a “shibverse” within the metaverse for its coin holders to interact in an immersive and eco-friendly metaverse.

With the endorsement that it is getting from Elon Musk, who is spearheading the SHIB community, it’s looking like a steal at the moment.

Disclaimer: The information here is intended only for educational purposes and not to be taken as financial advice, please seek to do your own research.

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