Discover the Next-Gen Cold Wallets That Anyone Can Use

Crypto Storage Made Easy: Discover the Next-Gen Cold Wallets That Anyone Can Use


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Storing cryptocurrency presents a significant challenge: finding the right balance between security and ease of use. With the increasing value of digital assets, it is critical that they are secure, but many users find it difficult to understand and implement proper safety protocols. 

Online wallets are a constant target for hackers, and offline alternatives, while safer, can be difficult to use. Because of this, there is an immediate need for storage solutions that provide both security against theft and cyberattacks and an easy-to-navigate interface. 

If we want more people to use and trust cryptocurrencies, we need to close this gap so people can safely and easily manage their digital wealth. 

Designed to be a one-of-a-kind hardware wallet by CoolBitX, CoolWallet Pro provides a unique approach to crypto cold storage that is unlike before. 

It does this by providing a modern device that stands out for its compact size which can easily fit in a user’s wallet as the card is only 0.8 mm thick and weighs 6 grams. On top of it lies CoolWallet Pro’s cutting-edge security features; giving users a secure and easy-to-carry option to manage their cryptocurrencies, DeFi & NFT assets safely and discreetly. 

Design and Portability of CoolWallet Pro

Unlike other hardware wallets, CoolWallet Pro is designed to mimic a credit card, making it extremely portable; thereby allowing it to set new standards in the hardware wallet space. 

On the front side of the device, users can find the card’s serial number. Next to the serial number is a small e-paper display that shows battery percentage and other important information, including real-time transaction verification. Users can easily navigate the display with the help of a small button that is located below the screen. 

The rest of the card is sleek, featuring a futuristic design with minimalist features and reducing visual noise, giving the device a much-deserving premium look. 

User-Friendly Features

Another reason that sets CoolWallet Pro apart from other hardware wallets is its user-friendliness. 

This is because setting up CoolWallet Pro is straightforward, which can be done through the help of the CoolWallet application. The app automatically connects the CoolWallet Pro hardware wallet through the help of Bluetooth and is available for Android and Apple devices.

Users can easily find everything they need to manage their digital assets within the app. The app is designed to cater to both newbie crypto users and veterans, as its features are very clear and user-friendly. In the app, users have the option to connect CoolWallet Pro with their DeFi and DApp accounts directly. 

Users can also create different wallets for cryptocurrencies, they can directly make trades, run different DApps, and much more. In case of any issues, users can also refer to CoolWallet Pro’s Getting Started page or their help center, where they can access an easy-to-navigate tutorial on setting up the device and navigating the app. 

On-the-Go Security Solutions

CoolWallet Pro has AES-256 Bluetooth, which offers a secure, confidential data transfer between two devices. It also has Cold Pressing Tech which permanently disables the device when disassembled. Additionally, the device is also Waterproof and Tamper-proof. It also offers 2 + 1-factor authentication, seed, and passphrase protection. Because of this, the hardware wallet offers an excellent on-the-go security solution for cryptocurrencies. 

The Technology Behind CoolWallet Pro

Through the help of CC EAL6+ Secure Element Chipset, the technology that helps CoolWallet Pro to run is amongst the highest standards in the industry. 

This is because the technology has undergone several comprehensive independent tests, including extensive penetration testing and mathematically-based security analysis. This level of security is equivalent to the security requirements of the US military and ensures the private keys never leave CoolWallet Pro and that the device runs effectively. 

Furthermore, in order to ensure the security of users’ assets, the CoolWallet app uses an advanced transaction analysis system known as Smart Scan. The Smart Scan first confirms the transactions by scanning and detecting both the transaction counterpart and the smart contract transaction itself. 

This step helps to scrutinize transaction details and checks for any hidden anomalies. As a result, it provides an extra layer of security for transactions and ensures a user’s security. 

CoolWallet Pro Cold Wallet

Exciting Future Developments: $Cool token launch

As part of the future development plans, CoolWallet is launching its first-of-a-kind token, giving users a unique way to participate in self-custodial crypto services. 

In addition, CoolBitX also offers different airdrops on the Galxe platform to users where they have to participate in minimal activities against a chance to win multiple token rewards.  

Embracing the CoolWallet Pro Experience

Ever since the popularity of cryptocurrencies, security has become a major issue. While hardware wallets provide a secure way to store a user’s private keys, they are often less portable, mobile, and less user-friendly. In addition, with the growing number of cyber attacks and their increased complexity, many hardware wallets are unable to keep themselves updated and secure. 

CoolWallet Pro solves both of these issues by offering a portable device that comes in the size of a credit card and is easy to carry around with military-grade digital assets security. Furthermore, the battery life of CoolWallet Pro is also great as it has a standby time of around 2 to 3 months. 

CoolWallet Pro also supports up to 30+ blockchains, including all ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC-20 customized tokens and all ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT tokens. It also supports nine different languages, making it more convenient for users to navigate around and users can also safely earn from airdrops, which is another unique feature. 

Considering all of these reasons, it’s no wonder that CoolWallet Pro receives a positive review from users around the world, as 300k+ crypto users trust it. Due to the high standards of CoolWallet in self-custodial crypto security, over $3 billion in assets are secured by the device and more are underway as the demand for the device is growing! 


With the growing need for a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet that offers on-the-go cryptocurrency solutions, CoolWallet Pro is a great solution. 

Developed by CoolBitX, CoolWallet Pro is undoubtedly technically impressive, especially as a military-grade CC EAL6+ Secure Element Chipset protects it. In addition, it offers plenty of services, allowing users to control their assets safely anywhere, anytime. These services include marketplace trading features, NFT storage, and earning staking rewards among others. 

These features allow the device to operate perfectly, deliver complete security, especially in light of growing cyber attacks, and remain user-friendly, which is vital for novice crypto users. As CoolBitX is about to launch a token, it will also give users the unique ability to invest in crypto cold storage. 


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