Fast Food Outlet Hijacks Crypto Popularity

Free Crypto with a Sandwich: Fast Food Outlet Hijacks Crypto Popularity


Free Crypto: A sandwich franchise is giving away a free coin if you buy their sandwich box. The fast food industry’s relationship with crypto has come a long way since the BitcoinPizzaGate of 2010.

The best things in life are free. There are also some terrible things in life that are free too. Like bad hair days, bird poop on your car and your dog running away.

Seemingly eager to ride the popular crypto train, a fast-food company called Which Wich is offering free crypto with their sandwich box meal on April 29.

The LESS important question is: What’s in the box?

The meal includes a regular sandwich, chips, a cookie, and a large drink.

The MOST important question is: Which crypto are we talking here?

The company say that the crypto gift is a “limited-edition Which Wich-branded crypto coin that is worth $10 on April 29 but fluctuates daily for up to two years based on Bitcoin-to-U.S. dollar conversion rates.”

Shhh newbies. Don’t panic. The CryptoCoin comes with instructions on how to redeem the CryptoCoin’s value. It can be used to buy more Which Wich food and drink. Or coin owners can have a check mailed to them.

Free Crypto

If you are hungry and nearby, then it might be worth considering getting stuck into a sandwich. The box costs $15. So at least you are fed and watered while you cry as your cryptos either crash through the floor or feel intense joy as they go to the moon.

For people outside of the USA, this deal doesn’t apply to you. Please go cry somewhere else. Only Americans are being offered this deal. And, it is very limited. They are only giving away 100 boxes per location. 100 boxes sounds like a lot. But the real number may only be whatever is left after the staff grab them for their breakfast. To be honest, I would be having 10 breakfasts. You don’t know me, I can totally eat 10 boxes of fast food. 

free crypto

Crypto uptake

According to, only 14 percent of Americans own some form of crypto. The company say that this creates an opportunity to expose new audiences to crypto market dynamics.

Jeff Sinelli is the Founder of Which Wich. “We’re excited to offer our customers a chance to dip their toes into the growth potential of the cryptocurrency market, but with the guarantee of a delicious Which Wich meal, too. It’s a great way for our guests to enjoy their favorite Wich and our custom Mountain Dew VIBE, with the added value of experiencing the excitement of cryptocurrency.”

Maybe with all of that Mountain Dew, the vibe of the dentist might be a thing too.

If you get your hands on one of the crypto meal boxes, you can track the Which Wich CryptoCoin here.

Some things are just so dumb, that they make sense. In my opinion, if anything becomes a collector’s item, it will be this. And no, I am not sharing the cookie.  

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