Startup – Leading Blockchain Project Discount Platform for Startups Startup – Leading Blockchain Project Discount Platform for Startups

[ad_1] Startup provides blockchain startups with access to funding from millions of users. It offers an opportunity for users to invest in promising startups through its Blockchain Project Discount platform. is one of the top ten digital currency trading platforms globally. It provides a platform for hassle-free and safe trading of cryptocurrencies. started operations in 2013. Over eight years, it has been listing crypto assets that are great in utility and have a high rate of return.

Its top priority is to provide a secure platform to trade and safeguard user data and assets. It offers services and products for beginner to professional traders. emphasizes product innovation and development. It offers spot trading of more than 1300+ coins. It also provides contract trading, quantitative trading, NFT Magic Box, GateChain, etc.

Additionally, it offers various other services and products to its users that include:

Leveraged tradingLeveraged ETFFutures tradingHold to Earn InterestSecured loan

The main attribute to the success of the above products is its “Startup.” Startup provides a platform for decentralized blockchain asset sales, such as BTC, ETH, and other assets (with a discount).

All projects listed on the platform since the platform’s launch in 2019 have been oversubscribed. They have raised more money than their initial targets. Startup in a nutshell

The Startup platform provides users early access to innovative and potential projects. It opens up the doors with more opportunities for traders to invest in them. Startup is one of the top mainstream Blockchain Project Discount platforms regarding the number of quality projects, the airdrop rewards, and the ROI of projects. 

Data from cryptoranks shows the average IEO returns of different exchange platforms.

It adheres to a strict review system for project selection to achieve such results. It evaluates projects in two steps:

The team evaluates the practicality of the project. It also looks into its founding team and compares it with other similar projects. This primary evaluation is to identify the scope of the project’s growth and development.As a continued evaluation protocol, the project’s decision will be left in the hands of the users.

The entire selection and listing process

There are quite a few key areas focuses on from the selection, listing, and subscription. The processes mentioned below are also applicable to the users who want to participate on Startup. Let’s summarize them:

Startup listing

To make sure that it only lists quality projects with long-term potential to make sure that it puts the projects through a vetting process.  Following approval, a project should submit certain information about the project. These include the name, symbol, maximum supply contract type, address, token distribution amount, price, and the number of tokens distributed on the Startup.

Startup fundraising

After the approval and announcement of the listing, users can view the project on the Startup page. It will display the description of the project, its fundraising goal, and the initial price of the token. The listing period will also be available, allowing eligible users to participate.


Users need to have a KYC-approved account. The number of tokens a user will receive is calculated as follows: 

Token Received = (Your qualified copies / Total qualified copies) * Startup Total Supply

A user can participate only once in the same startup with each KYC account. But he can participate in other startups and progress.

Risk warning

Even though a project is scrutinized and vetted, it’s the user’s responsibility to invest with caution. Several factors may affect the success of startup projects, including the underlying technology, regulatory hurdles, and other risk factors.

On top of that, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, with frequent price fluctuations.

Reasons to choose Startup Startup has launched many high-quality projects since it launched in 2019.

Its considerable return on investment, over 1,300 tradable digital currencies, and high customer trust are all significant factors that have enabled it to grow rapidly.

Gate Ventures scrutinize all the projects coming through to ensure they are legitimate. has launched investment funds such as Labs, Grants, and Ventures, aiming to incubate and help with high-quality potential projects.

Some of the startups listed on have seen massive ROI, with some projects recording up to 45,900% ROI.

For users trying to invest and find the next potential project, you can visit this guide to find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to start investing on Startup.

“Over the last year, the crypto market has reached new highs as the amount of both traditional and institutional investors in the industry grew rapidly.

As interest in the market grows, we remain committed to supporting new projects in the space, allowing investors to get in early on some potential gems through Startup,” said Marie Tatibouet, Chief Marketing Officer at

The startup aims to bring about technological innovation and the development of the blockchain industry. has gained the trust of over 10 million users by providing a trustable platform for startups and users.

If you are trying to find the next potential project, Startup is the place to go.

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