Komodo (KMD) plans to offer Interoperability support for AtomicDEX

Komodo (KMD) plans to offer Interoperability support for AtomicDEX


Komodo (KMD) has announced that it is adding interoperability support for AtomicDEX with a host of 13 other blockchains. It’s the latest move in cross-chain integrations by Komodo (KMD). The news saw its native token surge by nearly 50%. Here are some highlights:

The interoperability integration with AtomicDEX will now make cross-chain transactions easier.

Komodo’s native token has jumped from lows of $0.44 to $0.6 in response to the news.

At press time, those gains had fallen a bit and the coin was down by 7%, trading at $0.5.

Data Source: Tradingview

Komodo (KMD) – How can interoperability help it grow?

Cross-chain interoperability remains one of the most important topics in the crypto industry. The ability to conduct transactions across various blockchains remains elusive but not impossible. Komodo (KMD) is hoping to lead the charge in this regard. 

So far, the project is adding support for 13 chains. AtomicDEX remains among the very few decentralized exchanges that have excellent cross-chain support. The platform is not just compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine but with other projects as well, including Dogecoin. 

Also, Komodo is making a major push to bring NFTs to its ecosystem, including its own exclusive NFT collection. All these moves are designed to expand the ecosystem, and in the end, this will be reflected in the price. KMD is now trading at $0.5 and as sentiment in the market improves, expect the coin to surge further.

Is Komodo (KMD) a good buy?

Yes, Komodo (KMD) has really shown a lot of promise. The focus on cross-chain interoperability is a big move. Although there are challenges and weaknesses, there is no doubt this is the way to go for the blockchain industry.

Komodo appears to be leading the way, and as such, it is a decent investment right now. The project also has a market cap of $70 million so it can grow further.


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