Mina (MINA) stages stunning recovery after days in the red

Mina (MINA) stages stunning recovery after days in the red


Mina (MINA) has staged a stunning recovery over the last two trading days. The surge was largely triggered by news that big-name investors were pouring money into the project. At one point the coin managed to go above monthly highs before retreating. But can this momentum hold? We’ll discuss it below but first, here are some pointers:

Mina (MINA) has reported double-digit gains for the last two days.

The coin was trading at $2.08, up around 18% in 24 hours.

We expect this surge to continue well into the weekend.

Data Source: Tradingview 

Mina (MINA) – gauging the momentum?

Mina (MINA) had not been doing that well. Like most coins in the market, it was largely exposed to the headwinds in crypto. As such, it had spent a lot of days in the red. But what we saw over the last two days has been nothing short of a crucial reversal. 

The coin has surged by double figures in both days. At one point, it even rose above $2.35, the highest it has been since February. Also, Mina (MINA) has gained over 40% compared to the lowest price recorded in March. 

We expect this bullish run to continue well into the weekend. After all, Mina (MINA) is now well over its 25- and 50-day simple moving averages. The RSI reading also shows positive momentum heading into the weekend. 

What is Mina (MINA)?

Mina (MINA) is an innovative blockchain project that is planning to create distributed payment systems. It is a relatively unique project that looks very underpriced. We are also starting to see big-name investors coming into MINA. 

This can only be a good sign about the future prospect of this coin. If you are looking for something to buy and unlock long-term gains, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check out Mina (MINA).


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