Poloniex Exchange Debut in NFT and Metaverse

Poloniex Exchange Debuts in NFT and Metaverse


Poloniex crypto exchange has set its mark in the industry since 2014. Now it is collaborating with APENFT to mark its debut into the NFT and metaverse realm.

NFT and metaverse have been taking the crypto world by storm. It has completely revolutionized the entire concept of digital ownership. NFTs can be anything varying from photos, videos, or songs that the users can trade, buy and sell.

We also witness industry mammoths filing for trademarks in the metaverse. Global crypto adoption is steadily rising, and everyone is trying to hop on the bandwagon.

Poloniex is envisioning to ease the process of trading NFTs with its APENFT collaboration. Let us take a deeper look at Poloniex and what it aims to bring to the table with the integration.

Poloniex, in a nutshell

Poloniex has been serving the crypto community since 2014. The platform has been providing the best trading experience for over eight years.

The platform provides access to over 500 spot trading pairs in addition to margin trading and lending features. It ranks 15th according to the data from CoinMarketCap in a comparison of global crypto exchanges.

The platform had also been acquired by TRON’s Justin Sun in 2019. Poloniex functions in over 100 countries. Now the team is looking to mark its presence with the integration of an NFT marketplace, which is a huge move. 

By paying close attention to all of the exciting innovations in blockchain technology, Poloniex will continue to provide users with a wider range of services and more trading options.

Poloniex and APENFT join hands

Poloniex is collaborating with NFT marketplace APENFT. The collaboration aims at providing Poloniex users with a one-stop NFT marketplace to trade NFTs on the exchange itself.

The NFT marketplace went live on Poloniex on May 25. The launch is followed up with huge NFT giveaways. Users can also avail of exclusive rights by owning Genesis NFTs and TRON ecosystem NFTs.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with APENFT to directly contribute to the building of the NFT space and the Metaverse.” “This partnership leverages our shared potential to increase the reach of NFTs and further develop the industry.”   

Shaun Scovil, General Manager

Poloniex and APENFT had even hosted a Poloniex Global Tour on May 8 in Malaysia.

Vision and benefits of the marketplace

The new marketplace will ensure zero initial transaction fees and gas fees at a minimum threshold. The initiative is to extend the reach of NFTs to every user and make the whole process seamless.

Poloniex shares a deep history with APENFT as it has also been an avid host of the monthly APENFT airdrop. The new marketplace will provide easy access to Poloniex users. It will also provide direct access to the marketplace from the home screen.

The collaboration will also be followed by giveaways by Poloniex. There will be an NFT giveaway based on trading volume. Starting from May 25, APENFT and Poloniex will hold a sale for 1,000 limited edition NFTs featuring H.E. Justin Sun’s image. Each one costs 999 TRX, and users who acquire this unique NFT will receive a $25 futures trial money from Poloniex. More details.

Poloniex will also deploy an NFT Airdrop with specific rights for approved users. Genesis NFT will be given to users with a trading volume of more than $5 million. Users with more than $300,000 in trading volume will earn BAYCTRON, MAYCTRON, and TRONMeebit.

The NFT marketplace will be available for users on both web and mobile.

Poloniex and its vision

The entire collaboration marks the initiative of the exchange in driving the development of NFT. With its expansion plan of spreading across the globe, the NFT marketplace will empower the NFT and metaverse realm.

Poloniex will add to the assistance of shaping the world with NFT and metaverse. As for the vision of the exchange for the near future, it aims to rank in one of the top ten exchanges globally.

The team also envisions building a top-notch engine with a better trading system. The new system will deliver superior performance, improved APIs, and enhanced security. Later this year, it also plans to reframe its margin trading and lending features. The entire vision aims to build a first-class platform to encourage users to trade and provide them with a superb experience.

Providing an integrated platform where users can trade, buy and sell crypto and NFTs will ensure a hassle-free experience for the users.

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