Sexy-as-Hell Sneakers that Mine Bitcoin and Show Bitcoin Price

Bitsneaks: Sexy-as-Hell Sneakers that Mine Bitcoin and Show Bitcoin Price


Bitsneaks are the shoes that every crypto fan needs. Imagine wearing these on a night out? Every single person alive is going to want to get with you, sexy.

Stockholm-based company Bitrefill have brought out the ultimate shoe. It is the sexiest statement in fashion yet. Forget merch branded with NFTs. Apes are passé. But do not forget this: Singles are more likely to go out with someone who mentions investing in, or owning cryptocurrencies.

Keeping all of the above in mind, wearing these shoes will make you stand out in the night, like a desirable firefly.

Yes, that time in human evolution has come. We now have shoes that have an app-controlled LED panel on the side of the shoe. It displays the Bitcoin price live.

Bitsneaks – a world first

Spencer Dinwiddie is the quarterback of the Dallas Mavericks. He got together with Bitrefill to create these seductive shoes. Dinwiddie said, “Being able to create the most technologically advanced shoe in the world with Bitrefill has been a lifetime experience.”

Bitsneaks come in a box like any other shoe. However, this is not a classic box that you would normally recycle. It is equipped with a full node, and mines Bitcoin (slowly) while you go out and pull a hottie in your sultry trainers.


Says Bitrefill’s CEO Sergej Kotliar, “Living on Bitcoin is a lifestyle statement, and lifestyle statements are often expressed through fashion.This is something that many companies in our space are starting to realize – this is why we see Formula 1 sponsorships, Superbowl ads, and branded sports arenas… Some companies have already realized it, the rest will have to follow.”


Kotliar says they can’t match the budgets of the huge corporate shoemakers. “So we decided to do something that plays to OUR strengths. We have a kick-ass team with… mad coding skills, and, it turns out, even a bit of hardware skills… So we decided to build something. A statement. Something that speaks to and celebrates our core user base – the people who live on crypto… The people who run a full node on a raspberry pi in their basement… But you can’t take your raspberry pi to show off at a nightclub… We wanted to build something so that the people that we know are cool can look the part.”


It’s cool to be cool

Kotliar asks, “Why did the space program decide to go to the moon? For the heck of it. Not because it’s easy but because it’s hard – and because it’s damn cool.”

Why do people want bitcoin sneakers? “It’s hard to say really, but you’ve got to admit it – we all do.”

You and I both know we are going to buy these. Come on @Bitrefill, we need some hot pink ones next.

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