These are the top 3 coins for yield farming

These are the top 3 coins for yield farming


There are a lot of ways to make money in the crypto industry. While buying crypto assets and holding them for capital appreciation is the most common, it is actually possible to earn very good annual yields with staking and yield farming. Here is why yield farming makes sense:

It helps to preserve your capital for a longer time.

You can earn yields while your crypto assets appreciate in value.

Yield farming is available in almost all blockchains out there.

With that said, if you are trying to find some decent opportunities for yield farming, we have a list here below that can be perfect for this:

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap (UNI) is the biggest decentralized exchange on the Ethereum chain. It requires a lot of liquidity and as such, users can stake their crypto assets and earn yields from these liquidity pools. 

Data Source: Tradingview 

The great thing about Uniswap is that it offers the best returns of any staking and yield farming program. We are talking about annual yields of between 20 and 50%.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

PancakeSwap (CAKE) has also been doing a very good job of offering decentralized exchange services using liquidity pools. It’s more or less like Uniswap. But its yields are just crazy. Users can earn between 8% to as high as 250% for staked assets. The range is huge no doubt but even 8% a year is not that bad.

Cranos (CRO)

Cranos (CRO) was formerly known as It is one of the main crypto exchange platforms in the world, with trade volumes in the billions of dollars. The change to Cranos however reflects the direction that wants to take. 

In a nutshell, the goal is to bring more DeFi features into its ecosystem. But in case you would want to make a decent and long-term income here, the staking and yield farming program is quite impressive. Users can earn up to 15% in yields each year.


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