ZachXBT Exposes NFT Project Creator of Fabricating Hack to Buy DeGods and y00t

Autoglyphs Set Fetches Record-Breaking $14.6 Million in Historic NFT Sale


On April 3, 2024, ZachXBT revealed that Kyle raised alarm bells in his Discord server, claiming his wallets had fallen victim to a hack.

The prominent blockchain investigator’s findings instead strongly suggested a deliberate transfer of funds rather than an external hack.

Kyle Accused of Faking Hack

While investigating an alleged hack involving a “social gamer,” Kyle, and a less-known NFT project called ‘NuddiesNFT,’ ZachXBT found a disturbing narrative of lies and deception. However, the popular on-chain sleuth uncovered a different story.

Within hours of the purported hack, 94 SOL tokens worth around $12,000 were traced to an exchange deposit address. He then found a destination transaction for 3.42 ETH, worth around $11.7K using time analysis.

The Ether was then used to purchase high-value NFTs, notably DeGods 2921 & y00t 10991, which were promptly transferred to Kyle’s public ENS address.

Kyle reportedly blatantly flaunted the ill-gotten gains, featuring the DeGods NFT as his profile picture on social media platforms. This brazen display is compounded by their post-hack behavior, where they shifted gears to share motivational quotes in Discord, seemingly oblivious to the blockchain’s indelible record of his actions.

ZachXBT’s latest investigation, however, serves as a sobering reminder of the transparency inherent to blockchain technology despite the rampant scams and rug pulls.

Shortly after ZachXBT’s post, Kyle deleted his X (formerly Twitter) account.

As for NuddiesNFT, the project said that its creator wallet was replenished with $12K. The private keys, on the other hand, were entrusted to two community members. After removing Kyle, new owners were also roped in to monitor the project.

While certain investors remained hopeful about the project, others claim that Nuddies is yet another fraudulent NFT project that would rug pull soon.

ZachXBT Unmasking Frauds

ZachXBT has been exposing popular influencers for promoting questionable tokens and projects, investigating suspicious activity, and exposing fraudulent entities since 2021. His targets range from Crypto Rover, BitBoyCrypto’s Ben Armstrong, Lark Davis, DannyCrypt, and many more.

The detective even pointed a finger at American YouTuber Logan Paul.

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