A Cross-Chain Launchpad With Two-Way Vesting

Optimus Ventures: A Cross-Chain, Smart Contract-Backed Launchpad With Two-Way Vesting


“The crypto community & crowdfunding investment platform of the future.”

That’s how Optimus Ventures, a new-generation alternative to conventional crowdfunding platforms, likes to describe itself. Of course, with blockchain technology already making inroads into the crowdfunding sector, it is not the only platform offering decentralized crowdfunding solutions today. 

However, Optimus Ventures claims to have something unique — something unique and potent — that makes it the first-of-its-kind platform offering an optimal environment for crypto investors and projects. And that’s precisely what we’re going to look into in this unbiased review today.

Optimus Ventures: Overview

Optimus Ventures is a launchpad and crowdfunding platform that leverages blockchain technology and its offshoots to empower crypto-focused projects to raise funds. At the same time, it presents a safe, fair, and democratic platform for crypto users to invest in promising crypto projects.


Optimus Ventures is a multi-chain, semi-automatic launchpad powered by smart contracts. It supports projects on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with Polygon implementation likely to be added at some point.

How is Optimus Ventures different from other blockchain crowdfunding platforms?

To know how Optimus Ventures is different from other blockchain-powered crowdfunding platforms out there, we have to first learn the problems they are trying to solve.

Assuming that you’re familiar with how token sales typically work, you are probably also familiar with the risks that investors are exposed to when participating in one. 

For example, there are plenty of examples when even seemingly promising projects with healthy roadmaps succumb to sluggish execution. Sometimes, the vesting period may be too long for any practical benefit — to the extent that even if the token you invested in makes sturdy gains, you can not really capitalize on it. Or worse even, there is no dearth of examples of outright scammy projects rugpooling on unsuspecting investors or duping them of money in other ways.

Optimus aims to help you get rid of such insecurities by deploying smart contracts and a sizable community of experienced crypto investors. 

Two-way vesting

On Optimus, vesting is a two-way street. That means, investors’ tokens, as well as the funds raised by a project, are both locked in a smart contract, which then releases them based on pre-determined milestones. 

The process also takes into account a general consensus among investors through voting. This is important because if a particular project is not able to perform as promised or exhibits suspicious activities, investors can vote to part ways with it. This way, their remaining vested funds will be safe and will be refunded back into their accounts.

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Additionally, the Optimus team uses dynamic allocation of tokens to make sure that dumpers get less allocation, which then improves the quality of investment received by a project.

On Optimus, qualified community members serve as validators to screen and approve projects before they are allowed to raise funds. This way, the community has a say on which projects to allow access to the Optimus ecosystem, which goes on to add an extra layer of safety for investors.

How does Optimus Ventures work?

Getting started on Optimus is pretty easy if you’re familiar with the MetaMask wallet. If you are not yet familiar with it, here’s BeInCrypto’s detailed guide to using MetaMask.

Basically, you need to sign up on Optimus using your email address and connect your MetaMask wallet. Once connected, you can use your MetaMask fund to buy Optimus ventures’ homegrown OPTCM token.

To invest in your favorite crypto projects and participate in community votes, you need to hold the OPTCM token in your wallet.

There are four user ranking levels on Optimus and your ranking level is determined based on how many OPTCM tokens you hold in your wallet.

Optimus Ventures user ranking levels

Moon Dreamer: A Moon Dreamer is an Optimus member who holds at least 1,000 OPTCM tokens in their assigned wallet. These users may take part in the public sales of projects in the Optimus ecosystem and take part in community votes.Space Cadet: Users with a minimum of 10,000 OPTCM tokens are called Space Cadets. These users can vote, and also take part in private sale stages.Astronaut: To become an Astronaut member, you need to hold at least 100,000 OPTCM tokens in your wallet. In addition to the perks of the previous two memberships, these users can also launch a project themselves and become a validator.Galactic Traveller: This is the fourth and the highest level of community membership in the Optimus ecosystem. You need to hold 1,000,000 OPTCM tokens in your assigned wallet to become a Galactic Traveller, after which you can launch a project, vote, take part in seed sale stages, and more.

As for crypto projects seeking crowdfunding, Optimus promises that any crypto project meeting a certain set of criteria can launch a project on Optimus. However, the details are sketchy at this point because the platform is still working to finalize and finetune the launchpad. As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on future developments to track the project’s progress as it matures over time. 

In the meantime, visit the Optimus Ventures official website for further info.

Follow Optimus on Twitter and Telegram for regular updates and announcements.


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