Raising $3.2M in Presale, TOADS Targets 30X

After Raising $3.2M in Presale, TOADS Targets 30X Post-Launch Growth?


Memecoins are some of the most fascinating digital assets in the cryptocurrency landscape. The most famous, DogeCoin, became a bellwether of sorts for the markets when it took off during the last epic crypto market rally.

DigiToads seeks to take meme coins a notch higher by introducing actual utility in a fully functional ecosystem.

Investors seem to be buying into this concept going by the results of DigiToad’s presale. This project ventures into the vibrant blockchain gaming space, which has success stories like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. 

The DigiToads Presale

DigiToads launched its token presale a few weeks ago and has already raised more than $3.2 million. This number is impressive in the uncertain crypto market that is only recovering from the ravages of a bear market. This successful presale has seen the TOADS token price increase by around 140%, which indicates positive investor sentiment about this project. 

The development team structured the presale to ensure maximum growth for earlier participants. Accordingly, the presale is conducted in ten stages before the project sets a launch price. 

With gradual increases in pricing across stages, the project can crowdfund consistently with the highest rewards to the earliest investors. The project targets a growth rate of 30x post-launch, which would immediately launch it to the top of any crypto enthusiast’s radar.

Exploring The DigiToads Ecosystem

DigiToads is one of the most exciting new crypto projects in this sector. It uses the pay-to-earn (P2E) model to provide utility to its users beyond its essence as a meme coin. DigiToads revolves around a swamp metaverse that provides players with lots of excitement and rewards. 

The game revolves around digital toads (Digitoads), game avatars that take after the resilient amphibian. Toads are underrated animals, given their ability to survive both on land and water; they are resourceful and quite tough, even just by their looks. These toads together can achieve tremendous feats for a gamer as they roam the game swamp and catch flies for the gamer and fight to save their habitat. 

Given their fascinating appearance, the toads are also the theme for several in-game Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles. The game uses innovative themes with terms like toad-vengers and toadmageddon, providing a glimpse of what’s in store. 

The idea is to have a gaming ecosystem where participants can nurture digitoads and engage in battle competitions to win prizes. The toad avatars have unique characteristics that have a direct impact on gameplay. 

Players can increase their profile in the swamp by accessing various tools to improve their prizes, and gameplay reach further. There are additional prizes for those who come atop leaderboards at the end of the game in the form of TOADS tokens, which have broad utility within and outside the ecosystem. 

Staking and Tokenomics 

TOADs is the ERC-20 standard native token of the platform, ensuring broad compatibility with Ethereum wallets. One of the most fundamental uses of TOADS is for staking, which is essential for securing and governance of any proof-of-stake digital platform. The development team is implementing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which shall be helpful in governance and promoting user engagement.

DigiToads also implements a unique NFT staking pool to reward users who stake their NFTs. This model is essential to ensure that NFTs are HODLed and can better retain their value in a scarce landscape rather than having all of them in the market. The project has channeled 2% of TOAD transaction fees to the NFT staking pool. 

Additionally, TOADS helps buy NFTs and trade like any other token, which will be convenient given that it is an ERC-20 standard token. The total supply of tokens is 585 million TOADS, which provides a healthy balance between scarcity and oversupply. This platform implements deflationary token management, which will involve a mix of token burns and other forms of usage to reduce supply gradually. 

As per the DigiToads’ tokenomics, 69.29% of the tokens, translating to 405.35 million TOADS, are set aside for the presale and community bonus. Meanwhile, 30.75 million of 5.25% of all TOADS will go towards development, 5% or 29.25 million TOADS are set aside for the team, and 7.29%, or 42.66 million TOADS will be for rewarding users.

The project also has a sustainable angle, being themed on nature. 2.5% of the project’s profits will go towards environmental charities. Additionally, the team has created game-themed merchandise whose sale proceeds shall be channeled to charities committed to conserving the Amazon rainforest. 

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The Future of Meme Coins Is Here

DigiToads has started exceptionally well for a meme coin and in the overall crypto climate. Its utility could prove decisive in potentially surpassing the achievements of pioneers like Dogecoin. The creative team behind it anticipates a 30-fold growth after launch, indicative of the ambition behind this project. P2E projects have a new dimension with this token in the picture, and it will be fascinating to track overall growth.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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