Investors Rush To Buy Shiba Inu’s Rival DigiToads Pre-sale

Investors Rush To Buy Shiba Inu’s Rival DigiToads Pre-sale Before 33% Price Increase


In what is expected to be a one-off opportunity, Digitoads is currently in a massive pre-sale that has so far gained plenty of attention in the crypto space.

The token prices, as it shifts from presale stage 6 to 7 will rise 33% from $0.027 to $0.036. This means the early birds will post capital gains even before the token is eventually launched on the mainnet.

Digitoads: The Future Is Here

Digitoads has captivated the market and has a massive following in its social spaces. Its appealing sense might be the amphibious moniker it uses, or better yet the ability to cut across the traditional meme-coins and the more modern utility coins such as Ethereum and Solana.

One factor that makes it a potential threat for other players in the meme-coin space is its deflationary nature, which will ensure enough coins in the market to keep the price stable, and on an upward trajectory. Investors will also note a new skin under the meme-coin tag that includes play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, NFTs, and staking in high-yielding pools that provide more revenue streams. 

The coin has already surpassed market expectations due to the pace of its ICO in garnering attention. Currently, it has already bagged over $3.2 million in its presale offer that offers first participants big gains once the token launches.

So far, the project is undergoing massive growth, and expectedly the offer currently running will invite more people due to the widened reach of a variety of investors that own other crypto coins. To illustrate, not only does the DigiToads presale support bitcoin (BTC), but it also accepts altcoins such as Tron (TRX) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

That there are many ways to buy TOADS in the multi-stage presale is a huge positive for the token and may further pump demand. This means only investors who jump in early can scoop the token at a big discount.

TOAD’s Growth Drivers 

The key drivers pushing Toads to be a potentially significant player in the meme-coin space are play-to-earn, its focus on web3 via NFTs, and an environmental centric approach. Utilities give the coin a backbone, making it less reliant on waves that are difficult to create in a crypto-competitive market. 

Its gaming eco-system features toads collected by the players, which must not die under any circumstances. Ultimately, Digitoads have unique characteristics that are important in battling other toads in the game.

Each battle won is a chance to appear in the leaderboards, which activate new token pools to buy more equipment to win more games. The game runs on TOADS, a native token that helps purchase new characters and tools to boost strength. 

Beyond gaming, another utility is the NFT aspect, which intends to ride on the popularity digital assets have gained since the time they went mainstream. Since 2020, NFTs have had their moment in the mainstream media, putting them second only to crypto coins in popularity. 

DigiToads have shown potential, meaning that every buyer is already accustomed to the 3,500 tokens also on offer in the ongoing pre-sale. The NFTs are another money-generating avenue for holders who can stake them for additional rewards or other TOADS. 

The makers of digitoads are also eyeing competitions as a hook, which will go a long way to boost the growth of the coin. Events backed by the platform do not involve ordinary toads but allow winners to have a chance of winning platinum coins, which is a rare feat. 

DigiToad’s effort in protecting the environment is an angle less talked about, but significant in the coin’s future. Crypto is under a lot of pressure to play its role in eliminating the use of dirty fuels to bring more coins to life. 

A 2.5% commitment from TOADS transactions will go a long way in helping mitigate effects of climate change by funding afforestation efforts in the Amazon. This could also trigger many other players to join environmental conservation efforts. 

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Shiba Inu Finds Stiff Competition

Shiba is a community-centric coin that runs with an opposite principle to how DigiToads works. Indeed, most crypto coins run under the principle of limited supply to protect the entire ecosystem from a run-on that might render investments worthless. Noteworthy, the Shiba, together with DOGE, make two of the most popular meme coins in the market–a position TOADS is trying to challenge. 

Speculation and the live movement of Bitcoin in the market remain the driving forces of Shiba. In a new twist to meme-coins, the Shiba also supports decentralized exchanges and NFTs, making it valuable in the current web3 race that is unfolding. 

The project started in 2020 amid the pandemic when the world was locked up due to covid. The Shiba gained a lot of attention and even received celebrity endorsements that pushed the value of the entire crypto market higher. While it’s more popular, the efforts fronted by Digitoads might see the two coins on par soon. 

Digitoads 33 Percent Pre-Sale Discount

In a bold statement on its Twitter platform, Digitoads has made strong statements that it is here to stay and its discounted pre-sale offers will end soon. The 33% surge in TOADS prices comes when the presale shifts from stage 6 where TOADS sell for $0.027 to stage 7, where TOADS will be sold for $0.036.

Early Investors will have already witnessed their investment surge from $0.01 in stage one, and at the time of launch, they will have realized a 450% increase on paper. 

For more Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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