Sensorium Galaxy Confirms First VR Show Featuring Carl Cox

Sensorium Galaxy Confirms First VR Show Featuring Carl Cox


British music powerhouse and techno icon Carl Cox has been announced as the first act to kick off a series of VR concerts in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse slated for this summer.

The revelation was made by Ivan Nikitin, Sensorium’s Chief Metaverse Officer, who lifted the veil on the platform’s upcoming shows during a recent sit down with Nasdaq.

Cox will be joining a number of industry veterans already confirmed to be performing in the extended reality platform, including David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Black Coffee.

The hotly-anticipated shows have been long in the making, with Sensorium’s first musical endeavors coming in the form of Generative AI music and AI-driven DJs delivering futuristic sets in the metaverse.

But now the Swiss startup is finally confirming the first metaverse performance by one of the many real life superstars it has signed in recent years, however without revealing an exact release date.

Fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite artist will be able to do so across devices.

“After months of public playtesting, we are gearing up to host one of our first world-class performers on the virtual stage… We expect a diverse global audience, including gamers, ravers, music aficionados, and tech enthusiasts, who can access the event via VR, standard PCs, or mobile phones through a 360 stream”, explained Nikitin.

Ahead of the long-awaited metaverse shows, Sensorium has been sharing behind-the-scenes footage of the creation process of the photorealistic avatars of its stars, including Carl Cox and David Guetta.

Sensorium Galaxy’s VR concerts will be taking place in PRISM world, a virtual world dedicated to music and dance.

Users will be able to access these virtual events and Sensorium Galaxy’s many features, including purchasing avatars and add-ons, through SENSO. The metaverse’s in-platform currency has seen major moves following the recent addition of OKX former CEO, Jay Hao, to Sensorium’s Advisory Board as well as another massive token burn at the end of April.


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